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Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions for Customers

·       A Person Can have Only One Account

·       Order will be cancelled without any notice if the given information is wrong.

·       Gift vouchers and other promo codes are valid only with prepaid payment.

·       Notification e-mails or messages are sent to the mobile number and e-mail only.

·       Money will be refunded if the order is not possible to deliver.

·       All the bank refunds are done with in 2 or 4 working days.

·       Order given cannot be cancelled. Can be Returned if it is Damaged and if it qualifies the Return Policies

·       Invalid accounts:

Accounts with wrong information or details will be block without any notice.

Any accounts with number of cancel orders without any reasons will be blocked without any notice.

Terms & Conditions for Sellers

·       These T&C for sellers. So, here after seller will be mentioned as he.

·       He needs to submit all documents according to the shopitSoon policies (KYC) to activate his seller account.

·       All the products must be brand new and without damage.

·       All products uploaded must be legally authorized. Any unauthorized or illegal products will be removed without any intimation.

·       All the products must have relative images. If not products will be deleted.

·       All relative description and price must be correctly given.

·       Price, special price and quantity will be only handled by seller. ShopitSoon is Not Responsible for Any Price Details Given By the Sellers.

·       Any fraud or illegal accounts with fake products. Account will be deleted without any intimation.

·       All products must be packed carefully. If any damages to the product will returned.

·       Shopitsoon is not responsible for any damages or defaults in the products.

Terms & Conditions for Gift Cards.

·       Gift cards will be only delivered electronically. Physical delivery is not Possible.

·       Maximum amount is 1,000 rupees.

·       Coupon code of gift card code must not be shared to anyone.

·       Shopitsoon is not responsible for any wrong usage of gift card code.

·       Gift card is not available on cash on delivery.

·       Any fraud illegal usage will be banned without any intimation.

·       Gift card sender and recipient must not be the same.

·       Gift card will be activated within 6 hours after payment and verification.

Terms & Conditions for Returns.

·       You cannot cancel the order.

·       The product will be replaced with the same model.

·       You cannot change the model.

·       Order will be only replaced if it is damaged, wrong product, or any factory default.

·       The order will be collected by shopitSoon only if the delivery service available at your place or else you need to return to the address and allowances will be paid.

·       We are not responsible for any of the damage done after delivery.

·       Refund is only available if and only if the product is damaged and if the stock is not available. 

Privacy Policies of ShopitSoon.
  ·       Data Will Not Be Reveled to Anyone.
   ·       All your Data is Transferred through the Secured Servers on 128 bit
   ·       Data like e-mail mobile phone number will be used to contact for the delivery and notification of the product.

   ·       You are not supposed to reveal any of the privacy content provide to shopitsoon openely.