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Adore Shampoo Hat

Adore Shampoo Hat
6 Months + Soft Shield Easily Adjustable Water-tight Seal Bathing your infant regularly to keep them clean and healthy is very important. Just like the skin is cleansed the hair and scalp also needs proper cleaning and conditioning. When baby shampoos are used on children’s delicate scalp, parents should make sure to keep it from getting into the baby’s eyes. The otherwise happy and fun bathing time can turn into a teary and depressing one when your little angel’s eyes start to burn because of soap or shampoo. This can be prevented by using the lovely Baby world Shampoo Hats. These Hats from Baby world have a soft and unique shield that will be gentle on the infant’s forehead. The adjustable strap on this Baby world Hat will allow you to fit it on to your little one’s head easily. The top part of your sweetheart’s head will be left free for you to apply shampoo and sprinkle water. Once the Baby world Hat is fitted on the head the water tight seal created at the forehead will prevent soap and water to seep into your angel’s delicate eyes. Suitable for children from the age of six months this Baby World Shampoo Hat will ensure that bath time remains one that is happy and cheerful.

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